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NAPSICO has developed a series of training and educational materials to help agencies and businesses development comprehensive plans to meet the OSHA requirements and the Centers for Disease Control Guidelines for protection of workers.

Designated Infection Control Officer Certification Exam Study Guide

This study guide has been designed to assist Designated Infection Control Officers (DICOs) in preparing for the DICO certification (DICO-C) exam. The guide focuses on the main topics that a DICO needs to know to be prepared to serve their department as a qualified DICO. The areas covered in the study guide include sufficient information to enable DICO certification exam candidates to pass the DICO-C exam administered by the International Board of Specialty Certification (IBSC).

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OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens, Airborne & Droplet Transmitted Disease Curriculum Guide

This book will walk you though step-by-step what needs to be taught regarding bloodborne pathogens and tuberculosis. The format allows for integration of your Exposure Control Plan. Companion slides may be purchased for $170.00

Course content includes a review of the disease process and discussion of hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HIV, Syphilis and tuberculosis. This discussion covers risk assessment, epidemiology, signs and symptoms, and postexposure management. The course book also addresses workplace specific procedures for infection control, proper use and requirements for personal protective equipment, cleaning, disinfection and sterilization, laundry issues, and medical waste disposal issues.

Post-exposure management is presented in detail to include the Centers for Disease Control post-exposure protocols. These important protocols are presented in an easy to follow flow chart format. References and reference materials to support the curriculum are included as well. Course books are updated each February which enable you to stay up to date.


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2023 OSHA/Infection Control Annual Update Training

Confused on what to include in your Annual Update Training this year. NAPSICO has you covered with our PowerPoint presentation with a script will make sure you and your fellow providers are compliant. Updated Jan 2023.

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