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Certification Exam Now Available for Designated Infection Control Officers (DICOs)

The National Association of Public Safety Infection Control Officers (NAPSICO), in partnership with the International Board of Specialty Certification (IBSC), is proud to announce that a specialty certification is now available for emergency response DICOs: DICO-C. To become certified, DICOs must pass a certification exam that provides validation of competency in the areas of DICO responsibility: infection control program management; vaccines and immunizations; principles of disease transmission; post-exposure management and follow-up; and applicable laws.

 To apply for the DICO-C exam, create an account at the IBSC website: The cost for the exam is $400 for non-NAPSICO members. For NAPSICO members, the cost is $300. You can join NAPSICO by clicking here.  The exam can be taken via computer-based training (CBT) or remote proctor testing (RPT). Those who choose CBT will take the exam at one of the many test centers located throughout the country. A complete list of the testing centers can be found at Those who choose RPT will take the exam using their own computer. For scheduling and further instructions regarding each exam procedure, go to For more information on the specifics of the certification, please visit

Why a DICO certification?

The DICO position includes responsibilities that cannot be met effectively without receiving appropriate education and training. DICOs who have achieved the credential of DICO-C will have demonstrated to their department management and employees that they have mastered the core competencies of the DICO position. This will create a comfort level often missing otherwise that the DICO is fully qualified. DICOs throughout the country have expressed for many years the need for this credential. It is now here because of the hard work of many subject matter experts in this field who participated in the exam development process.

Recommended Study Materials

NAPSICO has provided a “DICO Certification Reference List” of recommended materials to prepare for the examination.DICO Certification Reference List

NAPSICO members are provided direct links to all reference materials listed. You can join NAPSICO by clicking here.

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