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KEVIN WILSON (AA, BS, EMT-P, DICO-C), Vice President, NAPSICO; Retired Durham County Emergency Medical Service; Consultant on infectious disease, chem-bio terrorism, tactical medicine, emergency medicine, HIPAA, and EMS topics; Paramedic Instructor; Consultant to Durham County EMS; over 40 years of experience in infection control issues.

BARRY NASH (AA-Emergency Care, BS-EMS Managment, EMT-P, DICO-C), Special Projects Manager and Infection Control Officer, Memphis Fire Department; EMS educator, State of Tennessee; full-time Designated Infection Control Officer for 15 years.

MICHAEL BERG (AA, BS-Health Sciences, MS-Public Administration, EMT-P, DICO-C), current grants manager and former Manager of Regulation and Compliance, State of Virginia Office of EMS; management experience with multiple EMS Councils; many years of experience as a Designated Infection Control Officer.

BRIAN STENNETT (BA-Management, MS-Public Health/Epidemiology, EMT-P, DICO-C), President, NAPSICO; Emergency Preparedness Manager, NW Community Healthcare; Paramedic/Firefighter, Fire Investigator, Infection Control Officer, Palatine Fire Department; Infectious Disease Instructor, Center for Domestic Preparedness, Federal Emergency Management Agency; Designated Infection Control Officer since 2008.

JUSTIN KOPER (MS-Safety Management, CSP, DICO-C, FP-C, MTSP-C), Continuous Improvement Manager/Safety Officer, Healthnet Aeromedical Services, West Virginia University; Adjunct Faculty, Youngstown State University; nationally recognized speaker, EMS author, and content editor.

JAMES AUGUSTINE (BA, MD, FACEP), National Director of Prehospital Strategy, US Acute Care Solutions; Medical Director, International Association of Fire Chiefs; Board Certified Diplomat, American College of Emergency Physicians; Clinical Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine, Wright State University; Fire/EMS Medical Director in multiple states; nationally recognized speaker and author.

KATHERINE WEST (BS-Nursing, MS-Adult Education, RN, DICO-C), Trainer/Consultant, Infection Control/Emerging Concepts; full-time involvement with infection control and disease issues for over 40 years, with an emphasis on Fire/EMS and Law Enforcement; nationally recognized speaker and widely published in emergency response journals and textbooks.

MICHAEL PLAYER (BS-EMS Management, MS-Public Administration, EMT-P, DICO-C), Executive Director, Peninsula EMS Council; Commander, Virginia-1 Disaster Medical Assistance Team; years of experience as a Designated Infection Control Officer and infection control issues.

DOUGLAS WARREN (BA, MS-Educational Administration, EMT-P), Former EMS Director, Dorchester County EMS and Executive Director, Lowcountry Regional EMS Council; years of experience in infection control issues.

JAMIE COOPER (BS-Ed, Virginia Tech; NR Paramedic, FP-C, DICO-C), Secretary, NAPSICO; Deputy Chief-EMS Division, Loudoun County (VA) Fire and Rescue System; 10+ years managing LC-CFRS designated infection control officer program; former flight medic with 5 years of international medical transport experience.

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